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NSW is the foundation state of Australia and is famous for Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, and the Harbour Bridge - but there is a great deal more.

New South Wales is the middle state of the three eastern states that are washed by the Pacific - and lies south of tropical Queensland.

The superb temperate climate, plentiful coastal rainfall, pure water, and clean unpolluted air produce the finest food in the world, as do all states of Australia.

This superior food quality creates a global demand, that is becoming difficult to satisfy - particularly because of the escalating demand from Asia. Australians are increasingly eating "Australian Grown" - the worlds best is at their door, FRESH and hygienically handled.

If you want the very best of lamb, beef, poultry, rice (99% of the Australian crop), dairy products, vegetables, fruit, berries, nuts, honey, canned fruit and vegetables, mushrooms, cheeses, olives, wine, oil seeds, wheat, oats, and oysters, shellfish plus all other seafood - the worlds best - EAT NSW GROWN.

Exporters to the World - BUY NSW GROWN with total CONFIDENCE

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